Karol Kołodziński




Charles is a very skillful director and that’s a fact. But what makes him really stand out is his kind heart and outstanding handsomeness. That’s what really keeps him getting new jobs. If you’re someone who doesn’t judge by appearance (who are you?!) well... then his expertise in filmmaking is probably what you should focus on.

Here it is. Charles is amazing at cinematic storytelling for commercials and short films. He is also a master at merging live action and visual effects or character animation. His unique cinematic language combined with beautiful cinematography results in an outstanding quality of his films. His background is digital art, animation and art directing, so the visual side and the look of his films is something he always pushes to the limit. He also won some awards, and no, it's not Mister Universe title (if only that footage of him punching a panda didn’t leak to the internet, he surely would have won!) Some say he got Cannes Lions, 2x Promax BDA, KTR, Effie, and that his work was featured at Shots.net, The Drum (Creative Works) and Adweek, but it all might be made up. Well, self-praising is tiring, let’s just stick to the fact that Charles is pretty talented, that’s all you need to now.



+48 607 269 628

Commercial representation:
Nest Warsaw
+48 665 004 012


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